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Light and Loss package

For Infertility and Pregnancy Loss 

Did you know that 1 in 8 women face infertility challenges during their lives? While this journey can feel isolating and traumatic, it's important to remember you're not walking this path alone.

As someone who has personally experienced the rollercoaster of emotions – from the deep sorrow of loss to the joys of pregnancy and motherhood – I truly understand your struggle. My own journey through the ups and downs of pregnancy has taught me resilience and empathy.

I'm Ayana, and I'm here to support you through every step of this challenging journey. Let's face these hurdles together, finding strength and hope in shared experiences. You are seen, and more importantly, you are understood.

On this 3 month healing journey, you will begin to put the pieces of your life back together after ending your pregnancy journey by working through the SAGE (Share Adjust Grieve Explore) Program™. 

Share- Find a space to discuss the challenges that you have faced. 
Adjust- Learn to adjust your current reality while making positive strides toward your future. 
Grieve- Practice true bereavement. Give yourself permission to prepare for healing.

Explore- Build your strength and ready yourself for your next steps, whatever they may be. 

You Shouldn't Go Through This Alone

Find support and compassion from women with similar experiences

Feel validated in your experience

Learn to cope with the difficult emotions associated with loss 

Create a family plan that works for you

Find joy and satisfaction in your life, including past interests and hobbies 

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