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Welcome! I am a passionate Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and life coach.  I'm also a dedicated mother, daughter, sister, best friend, and proud dog mom.  Each day marks a step towards conquering anxiety and embracing a life free of burdens. My own struggles with infertility, recurrent pregnancy loss, and a challenging encounter with medical malpractice during pregnancy have fortified and developed me into not only a survivor but a skilled healer. I specialize in empowering others to not just withstand life’s adversities but to thrive amidst them. My method? Guiding you on a profound journey of self-discovery and deep reflection, helping you to enhance and reveal your inner strength.

My therapy approach is multifaceted, integrating a variety of theories and ideas to meet unique personal needs. At the heart of my practice is the conviction that everyone holds an innate wisdom capable of life-altering insights. My task is to help you tap into this insight, enabling you to conquer chronic anxiety and find happiness, even amid family planning challenges.

Brooklyn is more than just my home; it's a piece of my heart. My extensive travels pale in comparison to my affection for Brooklyn, which shapes my unique style and approach. Whether I'm earnestly querying "for real?" or "word?", or delving deeper with questions like "what part of you can't accept this truth?", expect a blend of sincerity and insight.  Our therapeutic journey will be filled with candid honesty. Known for my constant singing, quoting song lyrics, and infectious laughter, I offer a space of joy and upliftment.

I provide comprehensive telehealth services, including individual counseling, group therapy, and specialized support for couples navigating infertility. Additionally, I offer clinical supervision and consultation for budding clinicians. My primary focus is serving women, especially in the black and brown communities, but my services are open and welcoming to everyone. I pride myself on providing culturally sensitive care, ensuring a comfortable and understanding environment for each client.


  • Battling daily with the draining effects of chronic overthinking

  • Aiming for perfection yet feeling it's always out of reach

  • Procrastinating on crucial tasks until the last moment

  • Living in a state that feels perpetually chaotic

  • Experiencing fear of not deserving life's positives, anticipating negative outcomes

  • Engaging in self-criticism frequently and harshly

  • Overextending yourself and pleasing others at the cost of personal resentment

  • Dealing with feelings of being an imposter

  • Frequently self-sabotaging and obstructing your own progress




  • Discover empathetic support from women sharing similar journeys

  • Gain validation and understanding of your personal experiences

  • Acquire coping strategies for managing emotions linked to loss

  • Develop a personalized family planning approach tailored to your needs

  • Rediscover joy and fulfillment in life, embracing former passions and hobbies



Feeling a connection with these traits? It's time for us to team up! You seem poised for a life transformation and eager to collaborate with someone who'll both embrace and push you towards your greatest potential. Reach out to me now. No judgments, no condescension – just a commitment to accompany and illuminate your path.

  • Specialized Services

    • Anxiety and Depression Management

    • Addressing Women's Issues and Challenges

    • Personal Development through Life Coaching

    • Support for Infertility and Pregnancy Loss: Including perinatal, pregnancy, post-partum, and guidance after experiencing loss

    • Couples Therapy Focused on Infertility and Pregnancy Loss

    • Racial Identity Support and Counseling

  • Focus Areas

    • Addressing Codependency

    • Enhancing Coping Skills

    • Setting and Maintaining Boundaries

    • Guidance through Grief and Loss

    • Navigating Life Transitions

    • Exploring Spirituality in Healing

    • Effective Stress Management Techniques

  • Services Provided

    • Personalized Individual Therapy

    • Coaching

    • Supportive Group Therapy Sessions

    • Relationship Strengthening Couples Therapy



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

 833 - 410 - 0074

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