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  • How Long Are Sessions?
    Unless otherwise specified, individual sessions will last between 45 and 55 minutes. Couples and group sessions will last 1 hour.
  • What Age Range of Clients Do You Work With?
    I work with clients from age 18 throughout all of adulthood.
  • How Long Does Therapy Take?
    Everyone’s circumstances and needs are different so it is difficult to predict how long you will be in treatment however, treatment progress is typically measured in 3–6 month intervals. At each treatment progress interval, we can discuss what the length of the next interval is estimated to be. Something that will help to prevent an unnecessary prolongation of treatment is your commitment to attending sessions as scheduled and being dedicated to your individual process.
  • Do You Have a Physical Office Space?
    I do not have an office in which I meet with clients. All therapeutic services that I provide are conducted virtually.
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