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Couples Counseling for Infertility and Pregnancy Loss

Are you a couple that is struggling with infertility and/or pregnancy loss and want to strengthen your relationship?

Has the struggle to grow your family caused tension in your relationship?

Are you tired and want to stop trying and your partner disagrees?

Has the disappointment of infertility and/or pregnancy loss taken the joy out of trying to grow your family?

Has the struggle to grow your family led to depression or anxiety and you’re worried about how this will affect you as parents?


If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, it is time to talk with a therapist who is intimately familiar with infertility and pregnancy loss as well as their effects on a partnership.

Let me help you to strengthen the patterns of communication and decrease tension in your relationship. 


By working with me you will:

  • Learn how to better identify and communicate your feelings.

  • Start hearing and listening to what your partner is really saying to you about your family growth challenges.

  • Become more ready to give your partner the benefit of the doubt.

  • Begin working more collaboratively as a team.

  • Support one another through your journey while maintaining honesty about your true feelings.

Sat Women’s Weekly Group

Do you need a safe space to talk about the pressures of everyday life with people who are not your close friends?

Do you wish that you had a tribe that understood what your anxiety or depression feels like?



By joining the group and working with me you will:

  • Discover if you are experiencing depression or anxiety and if so, how to better handle them.

  • Begin to better explain your thoughts and feelings more easily.

  • Learn coping skills that will lower your depression and anxiety symptoms.

  • Become a part of a sisterhood of support.