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Getting Out Of My Own Way

Stop Self-Sabotage

by Embracing Your Personal Goals and Values and sticking to them...


Start to manifest the vision that you have for your life by getting out of your own way. Learn to move and grow in a way that doesn’t block your blessings or continually set you back.

Do you strive for perfection but feel like you can never get there?

Do you usually wait until the last minute to complete important tasks?

Do you feel like chaos is your normal state?

Do you sometimes subconsciously ruin things in your life because you don't trust them to remain positive?

Are you constantly doubting your abilities and talking yourself out of receiving more?

Do you over-commit and people please to your own downfall?


By the end of your 6


month program

you should:

↠Be able to identify self-sabotaging behaviors

↠Examine the causes or triggers for your self-sabotage

↠Develop self-supporting behaviors to reach your potential

↠Release unrealistic standards and perfectionism

↠Procrastinate less, and confidently complete tasks on time

↠Be able to walk away from what doesn't serve or deserve you

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Move From
Uncertainty & Doubt
Clarity & Confidence









Is This You?

Are you looking to become the best version of yourself?

Do you need help setting goals that align with your higher self?

Are you worried about making the wrong move?

Looking for the perspective of a professional with your best interest at mind?

Do you need help creating useful routines?

Take the tried, tested and true  route of creating a simple transition plan consisting of shorter and longer-term goals and then using the designed framework as a guide for future action.   You will use your customized plan to systematically take steps goal attainment within a specified time frame. 


By the end of this 8 week program, you should be able to:

↠Take strides toward short term goals

↠Create realistic long-term goals

↠Have a routine that aligns with your ideal self

↠Feel confident in your future

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Light and Loss Coaching
for Infertility & Pregnancy Loss

Are you STUCK?

Are you experiencing difficulties growing your family?

Are you tired of attending therapy each week, discussing your grief and loss over and over again?

Do you struggle with anger, shame and guilt as a result of infertility or pregnancy loss? 

Does it feel like no one understands your pain and suffering? 

I see you and I am ready to walk along this incredibly difficult journey with you. 

I have experienced the debilitating effects of loss and was able to find light.

I am you. You are me. I understand and you don't have to go through this alone. 


With your 6 month coaching program you will:

Begin to put the pieces of your life back together by working through the

SAGE (Share Adjust Grieve Explore™) Program.


Be able to cope with the difficult emotions associated with loss.

Find support from other women with similar experiences.​

Once again find joy and satisfaction in the things that used to make you happy.


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