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is this you?

IF SO....


Need This Work!



But not just any coaching, 
GROUP COACHING with women just like you who are looking to go to the next level in their lives and to stay all the way up!

This is a no nonsense, guided journey towards achieving everything that you believe lies dormant inside of you.  

This is not fluff and puff.  This work is real and it heals.  Heals what, you ask?

Heals YOU from... 

  • constantly making decisions that you know go against your inner compass.

  • consistently going back on promises that you've made to yourself 

  • doing the same sh*t day after day yet, somehow expecting a different outcome

  • longing that you had guidance from someone else more mature and wiser because you finally learn to be your own best guide and advisor

»  Are you extremely inspired, but can't seem to make your ideas stick?

»  Have you been in therapy forever, but still can't seem to get "unstuck"?

»  Do you worry that all of your dreams may never come to pass because something (or someone errr mainly you) always seems to get into their way? 

»  Do you feel like your life is supposed to be bigger and more abundant, but you're not quite sure how to get there because you keep doing things counterproductive to living that abundant life?                                                                                     If you feel this way,

you are not alone!


Many brilliant and talented women like yourself, find themselves stuck and trapped by self-defeating behaviors before their breakthrough

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Master Class
2.0 Begins
September  2023

In This Master Class We Will Cover...

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn

Say No To The Same Old Problems and

Hello to the True and Authentic You!

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Are you tired of the mess?

Are you tired of almost doesn't count?

Sis, stop sitting on the sidelines, watching your life pass you by, wondering when you get to the good part. 

Join me and others like you who just want to live their life like it's golden, in peace and with peace of mind.  You deserve more.

By the end of this 24 week program, you should
↠Be able to identify self-sabotaging behaviors
↠Be able to examine the causes or triggers for your self-sabotage
↠Have developed
self-supporting behaviors to reach your potential
↠Have released unrealistic standards and perfectionism
↠Procrastinate less and confidently complete tasks in a timely manner
↠Show up as the real you all of the time
↠Be free of dating the same person over and over again
↠Be extremely proud of yourself
↠Be walking in abundance and liberty

So, come on, let's work!

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